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Checklist – Mystery Shop Review

Mystery Shop Review

1.1 Was the location clean and well maintained?

1.2 Speaker time less than 10 seconds (see time below)

1.3 Did Taker Repeat Order and tell you the cost?

1.4 Got a suggested sale?

1.5 Delivery time less than 4 min? (Note the time below)

1.6 Drive-Thru: Attended window greeted at window within 5 seconds? (Note the time below)

1.7 Was Carhop/Assistant friendly?

1.8 Did Carhop show up?

1.9 Was Carhop wearing an approved uniform?

1.10 Did you get a receipt without asking?

1.11 Did you get exactly what you ordered?

1.12 Did the temperature of the plate meet your expectations?

1.13 Did the temperature of the side item meet your expectations?

1.14 Were the sides properly salted?

1.15 Did the drink temperature meet expectations and taste good?

1.16 Did you get Condiments on your back or was it offered to you?

1.17 Did you get a mint and at least 2 napkins?

1.18 Did anyone check back with you after your order was delivered?

1.19 Did the employee thank you and give a nice closing?

1.20 Did you see any employees on skates?

1.21 Was the bathroom clean, stocked, and well-maintained?



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