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Dashboarding and analytics inspection software

Monitor what is happening in your company in real time

The business intelligence module brings visibility on the information collected during inspections or incidents creation

Inspections Dashboard

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All data will be available immediately and will show valuable information that will allow you to make business decisions.

Dashboards will give you visibility about the status of the quality process in the organization and will allow you to identify where to focus in order to improve and make  business decisions.

Incidents Dashboard

Preguntas frecuentes

El dashboard analítico es un tipo de tablero que proporciona a una empresa u organización una visión general e integral de una gran cantidad de datos, los cuales estarán disponibles de forma inmediata.

A través de esta visualización, podrás realizar un análisis correcto y claro de aquellos datos que se generaron. También podrás crear informes en tiempo real y compartir información con otras personas.

Un dashboard mostrará información de valor que permitirá a la persona indicada tomar decisiones convenientes. Además, le dará visibilidad acerca del estado del proceso de calidad en la organización y de forma muy simple, le permitirá identificar dónde hacer foco para mejorar y tomar decisiones.

El dashboard de ventas es una representación visual de todos tus datos de ventas. Está compuesto por métricas o KPI´s (key performance indicators) que se consideran relevantes para la empresa.


Entre los indicadores más importantes podemos nombrar los siguientes:

  • Ventas realizadas hasta el momento.
  • Ventas por región.
  • Ventas por representante.
  • Tasa de conversión de leads.
  • Valor de compra medio.
  • Porcentaje de cotización para cierre.
  • Oportunidades

Para construir un dashboard debes ir desde lo particular hacia lo general. Por lo tanto, debes:

  • Lograr una visión general de lo que quieres lograr.
  • Conocer los datos y la relación que existe entre ellos.
  • Configurar los datos correctamente, es decir, modelarlos para poder realizar gráficos coherentes.
  • Evaluar qué tipo de gráficos se utilizarán para mostrar los datos de la forma más clara posible.
  • Probar la funcionalidad del dashboard.
  • Definir el modo de visualización.

Success stories

Clients that implemented Full Audits on their organizations

“I recommend Full Audits because it is very practical, easy to use and the benefits for the final user are great. It counts with an excellent service and  very good predisposition from the team. Among its benefits, I highlight the management of improvement opportunities or incidents, the immediate response to problems and the practicality for the auditor. “

Diego Alcaraz

Operational Supervisor


“The greatest benefits that the implementation of Full Audits brings us are the automatic data consolidation and the easy-to-read reports generated. It is user-friendly too.”

Martina Serrano Fuster

Quality Manager

Cono Group

“I highly recommend Full Audits because of the flexibility and cost offered for the management of any type of audit or project follow-up. The support of all the staff has been very professional, regardless of the schedule, I have always received punctual and timely attention.

Its implementation allowed us to achieve greater efficiency in the execution of audits and follow-up of action plans, more certainty and reduction in inspection reporting time and an executive analysis of findings that allow assertive decision making. “

Rodrigo Bedolla

Quality Manager at Witzenmann Metal Products Mexico S.A. de C.V.


“Full Audits is easy to use and allows us to generate reports in real time. It is very simple to collect information, including images in the field. We save a lot of time in the preparation of reports after the audit or inspection that we carry out in the facilities of our clients. It also allowed us to optimize findings and improvements opportunities management that we detect in each intervention of our consultancy.”

Carlos E. Quattrini

CEO Jensen Quattrini


“The application is agile, complete and allowed us to collect different types of evidence in a short time. It is easy to adapt to different processes, it is quick to implement and it is very useful to receive the report with statistics at the time the audit is completed” 

Claudia Lacon

Supplier Quality Auditor

Bodega TRIVENTO Argentina

Analyze data and make business decisions

The Business Intelligence module is included in all plans and for all users.

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