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Checklist – Boom Pump Inspection

Pre-pump inspection

1.1 Did you perform a pre-trip visual inspection of the tires, engine oil, coolant, fluids, housing, belts, lights, signals, wipers, horn, and backup alarm before moving the vehicle? bomb?

1.2 Is the integrity of the boom pump satisfactory?

1.3 Is the hydraulic oil filled according to the manufacturer’s specifications?

1.4 Is there a hydraulic oil leak?

1.5 Have you engaged the power take off (PTO) and started the pump to make sure it works?

1.6 Are all remote control functions working properly?

1.7 Did you make sure the oiler is full?

1.8 Is there fat available?

1.9 Are the remote control batteries charged?

1.10 Do you have extra batteries for the remote?

1.11 Did you make sure that the water tank and water box are full?

1.12 Did you make sure all the clamps are properly secured?

1.13 Before extending the boom, have you made sure that all accessories (such as reducers, collapsible tubes, etc.) are secured with a safety device or strap?

Post-pump inspection

2.1 Is there an adequate amount of grease visible at all grease points?

2.2 Have you checked all hardware, joints, and other susceptible parts for imperfections?

2.3 Did you make sure there is no buildup in the S-Pipe?

2.4 Have the water box and tank been drained if temperatures are to be below 32°F?

2.5 Did you make sure to put the remote control in its proper place?

2.6 Have you made sure all hoses and clamps are properly cleaned and safely loaded on the truck?

2.7 Have you made sure to check for fluid leaks, such as oil, coolant, etc.?

2.8 Did you make sure to feed the pump for the next day?



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