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Checklist – Security Inspection

General Safety Inspection Checklist Form


1.1 Are the work spaces clean and tidy?

1.2 Are the floors free of debris?

1.3 Are hallways, hallways, and exits free of obstructions?

1.4 Are floor surfaces dry and free of slip hazards?

1.5 Are the materials securely stored and limited in height to prevent collapse?

Emergency systems

2.1 Do the emergency exit signs work correctly?

2.2 Are emergency exit maps posted and clearly marked?

2.3 Are emergency exits free of obstructions?

2.4 Are the stair gates locked?

2.5 Does the emergency lighting work?

2.6 Are the fire extinguishers up to date on inspection?

2.7 Are fire extinguishers displayed charged and in designated locations?

ID card

3.1 Is the ID card issued to everyone?

3.2 Is the ID card up to the standard?

3.3 The authority signed all the ID cards

Toolbox Talks

4.1 It is celebrated daily

4.2 Presented by the security officer.

4.3 attendance record maintained



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