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Checklist – Inspection of vehicles and drivers.

Preguntas de los conductores

1.1 Is the driver wearing the correct uniform?

1.2 Does the driver look presentable?

1.3 Check the Taco Head drivers is everything ok?

1.4 Check that the cabin of the vehicle is clean and tidy?

1.5 Check the inner chamber. Is it free of any coating?

1.6 Does the driver have 2 tachometer rolls and wheel log books?

1.7 Ask the driver if he accepts regular driver’s license checks. In case the driver says no, please remind them that it is a legal obligation and if they do not authorize they must present a license verification every 3 months under their own responsibility.

1.8 Does the driver understand that it is his responsibility to read the highway code that will be made available to him upon request or in the wellness areas of the yard to which he shows up?

1.9 Does the driver understand that it is his or her responsibility to keep up with any changes in the highway code, the law related to transportation or its compliance?

Vehicle Questions

2.1 Is the license disk O present?

2.2 Walk around the vehicle, is it presentable?

2.3 Can you see the license plate?

2.4 Is all of chapter 8 in good working order?

2.5 Randomly check 4 wheels and 5 nuts on each wheel…any problem?

2.6 Visually verify attempts. Can you see punctures or cuts in the wires?

2.7 Check the vehicle body, is there a problem?

2.8 Check all the bulbs, are they all good?

2.9 If it is charged, is it safe and secure?

Admin Questions

3.1 Is the execution sheet filled out correctly?

3.2 Do the tickets match the run sheet? it’s right?

3.3 Do you understand digital round control?



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