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Checklist – Bathroom Installer Inspection

The audit document for each individual bathroom must be completed at the time of delivery

Bathroom installation

1.1 The bathroom is a complete remodel

1.2 The bathroom is a partial remodel

1.3 Bathroom is just supply and fit

1.4 Does the design match the drawing?

1.5 Are the conduit assemblies installed correctly?

1.6 Are the cubicles installed correctly?

1.7 Are the top panels in place correctly and tight?

1.8 Has any layout been done to a good standard?

1.9 Are the door assemblies installed correctly?

1.10 Have the door stop stops been installed?

1.11 Have the toilet cutouts been done?

1.12 Are the cubicle feet secure?

1.13 Are the laboratory doors closed when not in use?

1.14 Have the cubicle locks been installed correctly?

1.15 Are the cubicle locks on and working properly?

1.16 Have the hangers been installed?

1.17 Are the panels intact?

1.18 Are the lockers installed correctly?

1.19 Are the benches installed correctly?

1.20 Does the Doc M suite fit the specs?

1.21 Are there non-standard drives installed correctly?

1.22 Is the vanity installed correctly?

1.23 Is the sink/vanity bowl installed correctly?

1.24 Are the accessories installed as specified?

1.25 Has the baby changer been installed and tested?

1.26 Are the mirrors installed in a good way?

1.27 Is the site free of all the cubicle packaging?



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