Checklists: Examples of Implementation in Companies

We already told you in another article what a checklist is. Now that you know, you’re probably interested to start implementing it in your own company. That is why today we want to share with you examples of checklists applied to different companies. Checklist Examples With checklists, you can eliminate the use of paper, generate […]

What Is an Audit and How To Conduct It?

If you have a business that has been in the market for years or you are just starting one, the fact of doing audits is just as relevant. Through audits, you can find opportunities for growth of your company, whether in terms of productivity, achievement of results or process optimization. Therefore, auditing is a great […]

What is the Best Checklist App?

We know that the digital market offers us many options for choosing an app that creates checklists. But today we are going to reveal which one is the best checklist app and why. In addition, we will give you relevant information about checklists that you cannot ignore. Having a list helps you monitor your store’s […]

How many types of checklists are there and how do they help my company?

Today we want to focus on checklists: what are they, what types are there and how can they help your company. Therefore, we will be providing you with relevant information on this topic, which will be of vital importance to your organization. What Is a Checklist? First, we are going to clarify the definition of […]

Audit and Control Software

Audits are necessary and determining processes in companies. A good audit and subsequent actions can improve productivity and increase the work well-being of employees. Therefore, audit and control software have become great allies of institutions when it comes to reviewing their processes.Learn about all the possibilities that an audit and control software can give to […]

Prepare a Complete Internal Audit Checklist

If you are planning to start a business or have already taken the first step in your company, you should know that organization will be your ally. Having internal audit checklists from the beginning will give you advantages in productivity, organization and comparison of results, something fundamental in the early stages of a company. Internal […]

A Safety Checklist for Your Company

We know that through the use of checklists we can obtain results in real time, optimally and safely store data and control all sectors of the company, among many other positive functionalities. If you are thinking of implementing a safety checklist to organize your work, you need a very complete app that can offer you […]

How to Make and Use a Digital Checklist

Digital checklists are practically indispensable for your company to work perfectly these days. Today we will continue telling you about this modality, its functions and benefits. The advancement of technology is a fact from which we cannot escape. We must adapt to the changes – and moving from paper to digital is part of it. […]

Create Perfect Checklist Templates for Your Store

Each company is very particular. And for every one of them there is an ideal checklist template so that everything works perfectly and with a minimum risk of making a mistake or an unforeseen event. Checklists allow you to execute audits and create action and issue management plans through lists that you can set according […]

A Complete Guide to an ISO 45001 Audit Checklist

As we well know, companies and organizations must protect their employees from any work accident; that is why we want to tell you about the application of the ISO 45001 standard, which provides a number of positive benefits so that this protection is always in force. ISO 45001 Standard ISO 45001 standard is one of […]