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Checklist – Warehouse Audit


1.1 Is the area clean (cleaning service)?

1.2 Do electrical cords create tripping hazards?

1.3 clear walkways

1.4 Are all the lights working?

1.5 Is the shelf weight sign legible?

1.6 Shelves stacked correctly (items falling)

1.7 Safety signage in place and legible

1.8 Complete and up-to-date first aid kit

1.9 Clear access to emergency equipment (fire reel, fire extinguisher, first aid kit)

1.10 Lifting equipment test and tag on date

1.11 Electrical test and date label

1.12 Are there no sharp edges of leaves sticking out

1.13 Is there SDS on site for hazardous chemicals?

1.14 Are fuels etc. stored in ventilated areas?

1.15 PPE in use

1.16 Are the amenities clean?

1.17 Dustbins not too full

1.18 segregated waste

1.19 Current forklift tickets and competitions

1.20 Full Forklift Prestart

1.21 Forklift maintenance up to date

1.22 Is all staff inducted?



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