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Checklist – Monthly Vehicle Safety Inspection

HSSE Vehicle Form


1.1 first aid supplies

1.2 Spare wheel

1.3 Wheel changing tools

1.4 Fire extinguisher

1.5 charged fire extinguisher

1.6 Labeled and dated fire extinguisher

1.7 Fire extinguisher in good condition

1.8 street directory

1.9 Wheel changing tools

Front of vehicle

2.1 Headlights (high/low beam) operational

2.2 Operational emergency lights

2.3 Turn signals (left and right) operational

2.4 Operational wiper blades

2.5 Operational debris free front grill

Rear of vehicle

3.1 Working taillights

3.2 Operational brake lights

3.3 Turn signals (left and right) operational

3.4 Operational reversing lights

3.5 Operational license plate light

3.6 Rear wiper (if equipped) in operation

Maintenance check

4.1 Engine oil level

4.2 Engine coolant (check reservoir)

4.3 Brake fluid level

4.4 Windshield washer fluid level

4.5 Battery terminal status

4.6 Hand brake

Tire pressure (visual check)

5.1 Do the tires seem to have the correct air pressure?

Vehicle interior condition

6.1 Cleaning

6.2 Functional interior lighting

6.3 Functional heating/air conditioning

Outside Condition

7.1 Cleaning

7.2 Is the paint scratched?

7.3 Are there dents or damage?

Tire tread

8.1 Does the tire look damaged?



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