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Emergency Vehicle Inspection Audit Checklist

Audit of waste management regarding compliance with project/company requirements!

Installation of the waste collection point

1.1 Has a waste collection point been installed and maintained?

1.2. Is the waste collection point protected?

1.3. Are there containers available for each type of waste generated in the project?

1.4. Are the waste containers labeled with the type of waste generated in the project?

1.5. Is there a container for hazardous waste?

1.6. Is the hazardous waste container correctly labeled according to local environmental regulations?

1.7. Is spill and leak prevention available for hazardous waste (packaged area, drip tray)?

1.8. Are there lidded bins available on site?

1.9. Are there lidded trash cans available in the hostels and dining halls?

Waste separation and disposal

2.1 Is waste segregated according to waste classification and available containers?

2.2. Is waste disposed of regularly as per project requirements?

2.3. Is the waste collected by an approved and licensed waste hauler?

2.4. Is hazardous waste properly segregated and temporarily stored?

Wastewater and effluents

3.1. Is sewage properly collected in septic tanks?

3.2. Are the septic tanks solidly built according to the project requirements?

3.3. Is the wastewater disposed of daily by an authorized transporter?

3.4. Are other effluents properly collected and disposed of?

leadership and commitment

4.1 Does the section/department manager show commitment to the company’s waste management policy?

4.2. Does the section head/department/supervisor educate your workforce on the company’s waste management policy?

Training and awareness

5.1 Are informative talks on environmental/waste management held periodically in the audited area/section?

5.2 Is regular environmental/waste management training provided to the section/department?

5.3 Is waste segregation and environmental protection promoted through posters, banners, signs, bulletins or lessons learned?

Spill Response

6.1 Is a reasonable spill response team available in the audited section/department?

6.2 Is the section workforce trained in the use of the spill kit and also in the response procedure?

6.3 Does the workforce know how to properly dispose of contaminated soil?

Documentation and records

7.1 Is the company’s environmental/waste management policy prominently displayed in the work area/workplace?

7.2 Are disposal certificates/manifests (hazardous, general, and wastewater) obtained from the waste transporter?




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