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Checklist – Warehouse hygiene

Previous reported actions completed

1.1 Have all previously reported security issues been addressed?

1.2 Have all hygiene problems been corrected?

1.3 Have all procedural concerns from the previous report been resolved?

Access and Egress – Are aisles/doorways clear of obstructions, including pallets, product, and equipment?

2.1 Merchandise on catwalks?

2.2 Choose grid/post area?

2.3 Choose mezzanine?

2.4 Garage/return area?

2.5 Broken tools and faulty new subfloor?

2.6 Are all emergency exits clear/labeled correctly?

Goods in bays

3.1 Safely presented product?

3.2 Product stacked and stored to minimize damage?

3.3 Segregated and labeled product: damaged, non-conforming, good stock and surplus/insufficient.

3.4 Trash removed/area tidy up?

3.5 Equipment stored correctly?

Assembly area

4.1 Tidy and well presented bulk area?

4.2 Is all the products in the bulk area easily accessible?

4.3 Do you choose the grill well presented and ordered?

4.4 Loading area free of old pallets/red bins?

4.5 Post office area tidy and well presented?

4.6 Product in well-presented storage locations?

4.7 Area 2?

4.8 Area 5?

4.9 Area 6?

4.10 Choose mezzanine?

4.11 Transit area?

Returns /BT/ END

5.1 Product clearly segregated and labelled?

5.2 Perform a spot audit of 10 returned products to ensure quality checks are correct.


6.1 Punctual verification min 1 verification sheet of the first parade

6.2 Check any VOR equipment


7.1 Any security issues reported on the shift?

7.2 Are all security issues resolved?

7.3 Have outstanding security concerns escalated?



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