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Checklist – Vehicle Inspection Checklist

Vehicle Inspection Checklist to be performed monthly

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Engine compartment

1.1 Engine oil level

1.2. Radiator hose and clamps

1.3. Clutch fluid level

1.4. Brake fluid level

1.5. Screen washer fluid level

1.6. Battery security/electrolyte level

1.7. Fuel filter

Right side (from front)

2.1 Mirrors, undamaged and secure

2.2. Doors operation and locks

2.3. Body damage

2.4. Rims – dents, rust, cracks

2.5. Tyres – tread and inflation

Front of vehicle

3.1. Windscreen

3.2. Headlights and driving lights

3.3. Indicators left and right

3.4. Air intakes free from debris


4.1 Park brake

4.2. heater and air conditioner

4.3. Brake, check by moving car forward

4.4. Seatbelts in working order

4.5. Fire extinguisher secure and in date

Rear of vehicle

5.1 Indicators, tail lights and brake lights

5.2. Body damage

5.3. Spare wheel

5.4. Registration plate, undamaged

Left side (from front)

6.1 Mirrors, undamaged and secure

6.2. Doors operation and locks

6.3. Body damage

6.4. Rims – dents, rust, cracks

6.5. Tyres – tread and inflation




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