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Checklist – Security technician visit

Garbage yard

1.1 Are waste and used oil satisfactorily stored?

1.2 Is there a smoking policy for team members?

1.3 Is the container area clean and tidy?

Washing glasses and bars

2.1 Is the dotting/labeling of days satisfactory?

2.2 Are all products up to date?

2.3 Has the fruit been disinfected?

2.4 Are the counter shelves, mats and floor clean?

2.5 Is the glass washer clean?

2.6 Is the ice machine clean? Is the spoon stored in a clean sanitizing solution?

2.7 Is the clothing policy followed?


3.1 Is PPE available?

3.2 Is there a safe walkway between the barrels?

3.3 Are gas cylinders insured?

3.4 Are all products up to date and rotated?

3.5 Is the warehouse clean and tidy?

Team areas

4.1 Are team toilets clean and WHBs fully stocked?

4.2 Are clean uniforms and personal clothing separated?

4.3 Is the locker room clean and tidy?

4.4 Is the laundry room clean and tidy?

4.5 Is the lint free dryer and sign shown?

4.6 Are cleaning cloths thrown away and not washed?

Kitchen room

5.1 Are the WHBs clean and fully stocked?

5.2 Do team members have the correct uniform?

5.3 Is the dishwasher clean and running at the correct temperature?

5.4 Is all food covered, properly labeled, and dated?

5.5 Is the temperature of all food controlled?

5.6 Are all raw products stored below cooked/LPC?

5.7 Is all the equipment clean?

5.8 Are the floor wall seams and under the equipment clean?

5.9 Are the contact points of the hands clean?

5.10 Are cutting boards in good condition and stored correctly?

5.11 Are the knives stored correctly?

5.12 Is there a raw material preparation area in operation and understood?

5.13 Is all raw preparation PPE available and in use?

5.14 Is the PPE for D9 available and in good condition?

5.15 Are correct colored cloths and equipment used?

5.16 Have products from external packaging been decanted?

5.17 Is all the glass stored on the lowest shelf?

5.18 Have all opened dry goods been decanted into airtight containers?

5.19 Is all the food lifted off the floor in the freezer?

5.20 Isn’t it freezing at home?

5.21 Are firing matrices overwritten and displayed?

5.22 Is all equipment in good condition and well maintained?

5.23 Are 2 robust probes and probe wipes available and in use?

Labor practices

6.1 Has good hand washing and hygiene been observed?

6.2 Correct use of tweezers, boards, knives, colored cloths to control e-coli?

6.3 Have no cross contamination risks been identified?

6.4 Are the joint cooking procedures for the roast being followed?

6.5 Grid mapping is working and understood

Fire Safety / Health and Safety

7.1 No significant hazards identified / no repairs required

7.2 Are fire escape routes clear and fire doors not locked or open?

7.3 Is the boiler room free of storage?

7.4 Is the fire evacuation package available?

7.5 Are the fire extinguishers in the location points and have they been repaired in the last 12 months?

7.6 Are evacuation notices displayed at call points?

DD paperwork

8.1 Is the Business DD folder in good condition?

8.2 Last NSF action plan completed?

8.3 Is the risk assessment folder in good condition?

8.4 COSHH folder in good condition?

8.5 Were the MITIE recommendations carried out? Is any pest activity being managed well?

8.6 Is DD kitchen in good condition?

8.7 Sham & Deck DD in good condition? roasted brands only

8.8 RBM checks completed?

8.9 Last EHO visit and score



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