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Checklist – Safety Observation Walkthrough

Site inspection and observations.


1.1 Department

Safety and Health Culture

2.1 Is the Owners Corporation mailbox sealed?

2.2 Are security observation tours (SOTs) conducted?

2.3 Are safe operating procedures posted?

2.4 Updated SPQRCe plates?

2.5 Are employee safety concerns being tracked?

Risk Control – Energy Control

3.1 Performing lock and test?

3.2 Personal security locks?

3.3 Are the ELC, CAP, and ASA signs in place and legible?

3.4 Do you use ESWP equipment and tools?

3.5 Protections in place and secure?

Risk Control – Personal Protection Equipment

4.1 Head – Helmets

4.2 Eyes – Safety glasses

4.3 Hearing – Ear Plugs / Earmuffs

4.4 Fall protection (verify annual inspection)

4.5 Hands and arms Gloves / Sleeves

4.6 Legs and Feet – Safety Shoes / Boots

Risk Control – Vehicle Pedestrian Safety

5.1 Use of seat belts

5.2 Pre-operative inspection of the vehicle?

5.3 Obey stop signs?

5.4 Appropriate use of the yellow walkways?

5.5 Exits/entries clear?

5.6 Do you adhere to the Orange Crush Zone (orange vests) requirements?

5.7 Obey the 2 foot rule with vehicles?

5.8 No walking and talking on PTT/cell phones?

Risk Control – Fall Protection

6.1 Do you use fall protection (> 3 m)?

6.2 Ladder correctly positioned and tied?

6.3 Fall protection used in EWP.

Risk Control – Hazardous Materials Program

7.1 Products labeled appropriately?

7.2 Products stored correctly?

7.3 Labeled decanted/transferred products?

7.4 Closed containers?

7.5 Grounded container?

7.6 Proper disposal of material?

Organization of the workplace

8.1 Area free of slip and trip hazards?

8.2 Contained oil or coolant leaks?

8.3 Tools and equipment in good condition?



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