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Checklist – Safety Observation Program

Cleaning / 6S

1.1 Work and storage areas are clean and orderly.

1.2 Workstations are well organized and there are no trip hazards.

1.3 The circulation paths are kept free of any articles.

1.4 Emergency equipment (eyewash, fire extinguishers) is constantly accessible.

1.5 Emergency routes and emergency doors are kept clear of any elements and fully accessible. The emergency doors are not locked.

1.6 Equipment and tools (chains, textile slings, power hand tools, etc.) are properly stored

Safety signage

2.1 Signs indicating the required Personal Protective Equipment will be posted.

2.2 There are signs indicating eyewash/safety shower, emergency exits, fire extinguishers, etc.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

3.1 PPE is properly stored when not in use and kept in good condition.


4.1 Liquid chemicals are stored in secondary containers.

4.2 Flammable chemicals are stored in flammable cabinets (or a dedicated storage room in case of high volume) when not in use.

4.3 The waste area is well maintained.

Warnings, signs and barricades

5.1 Pits, elevated works and maintenance activities are duly identified and protected.


6.1 Equipment (lighting fixtures, machine guarding, barriers, etc.) is kept in good working order and in place.

Foot protection

7.1 Steel toed safety shoes are used as needed.

Hand protection

8.1 Gloves are used as needed.

8.2 Gloves are not worn around rotating equipment.

Eye/face protection

9.1 Safety glasses or face shield are used as necessary.

Haring protection

10.1 Earplugs/muffs are used in identified high noise areas

Respiratory protection

11.1 Respiratory protection is used as necessary.


12.1 No awkward positions, no excessive or overhead reach; limited bending and torsion.

Tools, equipment and machines

13.1 Tools, equipment and machines work properly.

13.2 Safety guards are in place.

13.3 Electrical wiring in good condition



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