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Checklist – Retail Checklist

Retial Store Checklist template to inspect sinage, entrances, exits and security for retail stores.

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1.1 Are shop front signs correctly displayed?

1.2. Are shop front signs in good condition?

1.3. Is OPEN sign correctly displayed?

1.4. Are all necessary signs properly displayed?


2.1 Are footpaths in good condition?

2.2. Are the front windows clean?

2.3. Are the front windows free of damage/ cracks?

2.4. Is decal on windows in good condition?

2.5. Is the shop entrance clean and neat?

2.6. Is the window display neat, tidy and in good condition?


3.1. Are front door locks working correctly?

3.2. Are roller shutters operational?

3.3. Is the security gate operational?

3.4. Does the shop front have an alarm and/ or surveillance system?


4.1 Is the shop clear of clutter/ boxes?

4.2. Are all lights inside operational?

4.3. Are emergency exit signs clearly marked?

4.4. Proper level of Music and lighting for the time of day?

4.5. Is the area around computer/ cash register tidy and free of excessive electrical cords?

4.6. The floor behind the counter is clear of boxes and other clutter?

Stock & Merchandising

5.1 The stock levels of clearing products are sufficient.

5.2. Stock ordered has been received to date.

5.3. Pricing displayed on products are easy to see and accurate.


6.1 Floors around racking clear of rubbish?

6.2. Materials stored in racks and bins wherever possible?

6.3. Are all racks and shelving in good condition?




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