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Checklist – Rental Inspection

Landlords or property managers use a rental inspection checklist to assess the condition of a rental property. Use this checklist to find areas that need action (ie, need cleaning, repair, or replacement).


1.1 walls and roof

1.2 Floor covering

1.3 Windows (curtains, blinds, etc…)

1.5 Illumination artifacts

1.7 Furniture (if applicable)

1.8 skirting/mouldings

1.9 Fireplace


2.1 Floors and Floor Coverings

2.2 walls and roof

2.3 doors)

2.4 Door locks and hardware

2.5 Window(s) and Screen(s)

2.6 window coverings

2.7 Illumination artifacts)

2.8 Interior Cabinets/Drawers

2.9 accountants

2.10 Stove/Burners,Controls

2.11 Indoor, outdoor oven/extractor hood, fan

2.12 The fridge

2.13 Dishwasher

2.14 Sink(s) and plumbing

2.16 Fire extinguisher


3.1 Floors and Floor Coverings

3.2 walls and roof

3.3 Illumination artifacts

3.4 Window(s) and Screen(s)

3.5 window coverings


4.1 Floors and Floor Coverings

4.2 walls and ceilings

4.3 counters and surfaces

4.4 Window(s) and Screen(s)

4.5 window coverings

4.6 sink and plumbing

4.7 Bath/Shower

4.8 Lavatory

4.9 Illumination artifacts

4.10 door(s)

4.11 Door lock(s) and hardware(s)

4.12 interior drawers


5.1 Floors and Floor Coverings

5.2 walls and roof

5.3 Window(s) and Screen(s)

5.4 window coverings

5.5 Cabinet(s), including doors and rails

5.6 lighting fixtures

5.7 smoke alarm

5.8 door (s)

5.9 Door locks and hardware

labor practices

6.1 Has good hand washing and hygiene been observed?

6.2 Correct use of tweezers, boards, knives, colored cloths to control e-coli?

6.3 Have no cross contamination risks been identified?

6.4 Are the joint cooking procedures for the roast being followed?

6.5 Grid mapping is working and understood


7.1 Heating system

7.2 Air conditioner

7.3 Ladders

7.4 hallway(s)

7.5 Lawn(s) and Garden(s)

7.6 Patio, Terrace, Deck, etc.

7.7 Parking area(s)

7.8 front/back porch



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