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Checklist – Participation in the field of security analysis

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Critical States (People)

1.1 Mind on task (concentration and awareness of the environment)

1.2 Eyes on task (looking at what they are doing and where they are going)

1.3 In a hurry

1.4 Balancing traction or grip

Line of Fire (Hazards)

2.1 PPE (required, used correctly, good condition)

2.2 Body position (drop, hit, pinch points, etc.)

2.3 Guards, barriers, rails, traffic controls, security observers

2.4 Isolation (blocking, tags, switching)

2.5 Area cleaning

Body mechanics (people)

3.1 lift, bend, twist

3.2 Repetitive movements

3.3 Overreaching, pulling, pushing

3.4 Standing, sitting, kneeling for long periods

3.5 Comfortable (versus uncomfortable position)

Permits, procedures and rules

4.1 Are all permits, procedures, and standards up to date, readily available, understood, and followed?

Tools and equipment

5.1 Safe condition (pre-start checks completed, verified and tagged)

5.2 Correct tool used for each task

5.3 Safety of tools and equipment used

5.4 Removal of existing copper line to house?



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