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Checklist – Office Safety

This template is for conducting an office security inspection. Begin by providing general information about the business, and then proceed with an assessment of walking surfaces, furniture, office equipment, shelves, cabinets, indoor air systems, copy rooms, and outdoor areas, like parking. It also focuses on evaluating office safety training programs and the implementation of safety and emergency procedures. If any potential hazards are identified, the inspector can add recommendations and actions to improve the overall safety of the office premises.

walking surfaces

1.1 Is the area neat and well maintained?

1.2 Obstacle-free corridors?

1.3 Is the floor free of obstructions?

1.4 Anchored or covered ropes?

1.5 Floor coverings in good condition?

1.6 Is adequate information, on product safety issues, communicated throughout the food chain? Are signs posted if floors are wet?

Furniture and office equipment

2.1 In good mechanical condition?

2.2 Properly assembled and adjusted?

2.3 Items insured against tips?

2.4 Free of sharp edges and corners?

2.5 Loose clothing and insured jewelry?

2.6 Were employees instructed in safe/proper use?

Bookcases, shelves and cabinets

3.1 Insured against tips?

3.2 In good shape?

3.3 Drawers locked when not in use?

3.4 Is the material stacked and stored securely?

3.5 Heavier items between your knuckles and shoulders?

Indoor air quality

4.1 Are ventilation systems regularly inspected, tested and maintained?

4.2 Air intakes and exhaust free of dust and mold accumulation?

Copier room

5.1 Does the copier turn off when paper jams are cleared?

5.2 Is the MSDS for the toner readily available?

5.3 Did the person who changed the toner read the MSDS?

5.4 Does the lid stay in the down position when in use?

5.5 Are all cables in good condition, with no frayed wires or wires?

5.6 Is the room adequately ventilated when the machines are in operation?

5.7 If toner is spilled, does the staff know how to clean it up (vacuum recommended)?

5.8 Are copiers maintained, is a maintenance log available for review?

Internal cleaning

6.1 Are surface dust levels low?

6.2 Is the material stacked neatly and securely?

6.3 Is the rubbish bin sufficient and is there no overflowing rubbish?


7.1 Do employees know emergency procedures?

7.2 Are employees aware of safety procedures?

7.3 Did employees provide information and instructions about the hazards?

7.4 Is staff training up to date?

Worker awareness

8.1 Do workers know how to report an accident or hazard?

8.2 Do workers know the evacuation procedure?

8.3 Do workers know who to contact for first aid assistance?

8.4 Do workers know the location of fire extinguishers and how to use them?

Fire prevention

9.1 Are fire extinguishers available and accessible?

9.2 Monthly dated fire extinguisher labels?

9.3 Clear emergency exits?

9.4 Emergency numbers near all phones?

9.5 Fire doors closed?

9.6 Fire escapes lit?


10.1 Are electrical outlets not overloaded?

10.2 Electrical cables in good condition?

10.3 Are there grounding pins on outlets?

10.4 Is access to electrical panels clear and unobstructed?

10.5 Circuit breakers in the electrical panel correctly labeled and legible?

10.6 Did the GFCI pass the first test using buttons built into the outlet receptacle?

10.7 Are extension cords not used as a replacement for permanent wiring?

10.8 Are the electrical cables safe?

10.9 Is faulty equipment tagged?

10.10 Are electrical faceplates secure?

First aid

11.1 First aid kits available?

11.2 Are first aid kits checked monthly?

11.3 First Aid certificates published and updated?

11.4 First aid log sheets available and in use?


12.1 Ergonomically correct workstation?

12.2 Has the correct workstation setup guide been published?

12.3 Workers aware of office politics?

12.4 Was the office policy found in the inspection area?

12.5 Posted emergency procedures?


13.1 Fully adjustable chairs (seat and back)?

13.2 Monitors set to the correct height (top of screen should be at eye level)?

13.3 Relaxed shoulders and forearms parallel to the keyboard?

13.3 Relaxed shoulders and forearms parallel to the keyboard?

13.5 Document holder available if needed?

13.6 Are the chairs arranged so that the thighs are parallel to the floor?

13.7 Are frequently used items located within the person’s main zone?


14.1 Have visitors read the safety rules?

14.2 Is there a sign telling visitors to sign in?

14.3 Have the visitors signed the registration book?

Parking lot

15.1 Is the parking lot clear of debris?

15.2 Are there no potholes that could result in a tripping hazard?

15.3 Are sidewalks, ramps, and walking surfaces in good repair?



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