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Checklist – NGA Fiber Ready Scoping Form

Form to be completed at each NGA job and sent by email to the provisioning mailbox of the UFB

Next actions

1.1 Was a half range or full range completed?

1.2 Are specific skills required?

1.3 Client Consent Granted? Written is mandatory if you are on site with the client.

Health, Safety and Environmental Issues

2.1 Underground access?

2.2 Roof access?

2.3 Is a gas detector required?

2.4 Dogs on site?

Required Consents

3.1 Right of way?

3.2 Multi-family unit?

3.3 Heritage or building?


4.1 Water in the cameras?

4.2 Tapes in place?

Off-property consent

5.1 Digging pits and trenches?

5.2 Concrete/tile/pavement removal?

5.3 Installation of conduit(s)?

5.4 Removal of existing copper line to house?

5.5 Others?

Inland Ownership Consent

6.1 Drill small holes?

6.2 Cutting holes in the walls?

6.3 Exposed surface wiring?

6.4 Remove roof tiles?

6.5 Surface mounted installation and hardware?

6.6 Others?



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