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Checklist – Job Safety Analysis

Workplace setup

1.1 Evaluated pedestrian management

1.2 Evaluated traffic management

1.3 Use of adequate signaling and protection

Evaluate/review the work and its surroundings

2.1 Presence of snakes, spiders and sharp objects evaluated

2.2 Sufficient traffic and pedestrian access.

2.3 All appropriate PPE on site

2.4 suitable weather conditions

2.5 Sufficient light for all tasks

Access to customer facilities

3.1 Floor surfaces evaluated for tripping and slipping

3.2 Noise, electrical and chemical risks evaluated

3.3 Presence of dogs, wasps and gases evaluated

3.4 Exposed asbestos evaluated

3.5 Respiratory protection used in concealed/confined spaces

3.6 Isolation of electrical risks evaluated

3.7 Presence of third parties for access to confined/hidden spaces

3.8 Work at height evaluated

3.9 CPE Assessed As Secure

Additional Site Hazards

4.1 Is the effluent disposal area greater than 6m high/3m deep to pools, property lines, driveways and buildings? (sixteen)

4.2 Are there additional hazards on the site?



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