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Checklist – iPAD Pilot Training Evaluation Form

Transfer of learning

1.1 What was your level of knowledge, understanding and ability before participating in this course?

1.2 Your level of knowledge, understanding and ability after completing this course?

Rider Specs

2.1 The training allowed me to gain a better understanding of the subject than I could have learned on my own.

2.2 The training provided useful information on how I could use my iPad to help me complete common work tasks.

2.3 Based on my training experience, you are likely to use the recommended apps instead of other apps you might have been using previously.

2.4 The training will allow me to work more efficiently and productively.

2.5 During the training I was able to observe different ways in which I can use technology to carry out my tasks.

2.6 Based on my training experience, I think other iPad users on my team/in my project would save time and be more security conscious by attending this training.

2.7 I would be interested in participating in regular peer learning opportunities if they were available.

2.8 I find small group training (2-12 participants) more effective than individual training.

2.9 I prefer small group training (2-12 participants) over large group training (up to 30 participants)

2.10 I know where I can get more training, help, and support with my device.

Course components

3.1 The course content and materials were clear and easy to follow.

3.2 The course content was relevant to my role and responsibilities.

3.3 The facilitator demonstrated adequate knowledge of the subject.

3.4 The facilitator’s energy and enthusiasm kept me actively involved.

3.5 The facilitator communicated clearly.



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