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Checklist – Grocery Store Checklist

Grocery store checklist template to keep store standards.

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Front of Store

1.1 Is the entrance to store inviting to customers eg not cluttered by toy machines, tables & chairs etc.

1.2. Windows clean

1.3. Is external signage in good condition ( street signs, A-frames window decals)

1.4. Is external lighting working and in good repair

Inside Store

2.1 Entrance into store is clean and free from clutter

2.2. Fans and aircon units clean and in good repair

2.3. Internal signage in good repair and up to date

2.4. Corners and walls of store clean and free from dirt and cobwebs

2.5. Flooring in good repair


3.1. Fridges and freezers throughout store in good working order

3.2. Glass, fans, vents, seals on fridges and freezers clean and free from dust and dirt

3.3. Food prep area clean and tidy

3.4. Store shelving clean and in good repair

Ticketing and Products

4.1 Products all ticketed

4.2. Is store compliant with ticketing standards ie. Printed not hand written tickets

4.3. Promotional ticketing visible and up to date

4.4. Out of stocks across store an acceptable level

Stock & Merchandising

5.1. Bakery Range available and quality of product is good

5.2. Meat Range available and quality of product is good

5.3. Fruit and Veg Range available and quality of product is good

Government Compliance

6.1. Stores complying with Government Legislation

6.2. Meat Range available and quality of product is good

6.3. Store aware of packaging laws for any products produced/packaged in store




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