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Checklist – Good Manufacturing Practice Checklist

Good manufacturing practices are the practices required in order to conform to the guidelines recommended by agencies that control the authorization and licensing of the manufacture and sale of food and beverages, cosmetics, pharmaceutical products, dietary supplements, and medical devices.

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Pest Control

1.1 Are all electric fly killers operational

1.2. Are all bait boxes attached?

1.3. Were there no changes to cleaning work instructions or routines in the last month?

1.4. Did cleaners sign training records?

1.5. Has cleaning training been conducted within a year of this internal audit?

Cleaning Equipment

2.1 Is equipment used for cleaning fit for purpose of use?

2.2. Is cleaning equipment color coded to distinguish between uses and areas?

2.3. Is cleaning equipment stored in such a manner as to prevent contamination and ensure good hygiene?

2.4. Is cleaning equipment part of a regular cleaning and disinfection regime?

Cleaning Chemicals

3.1. Does the chemical supplier have ISO9002 or equivalent certification?

3.2. Are Material and Safety Data Sheets in place?

3.3. Are containers color-coded to assist with easy identification of product types?

3.4. Are containers labelled with a pre-printed laminated label containing information as per GMP?

3.5. Is a chart for correct dilution of chemicals displayed in chemical storage room?

Pest Prevention and Control

4.1. Is a suitable pest prevention and control system in operation?

4.2. Does the scope of pest control and prevention cover the whole site?

4.3. In the past month, no infestations have been observed that could have caused contamination in the finished product, raw materials and/or packaging material?

4.4. No pest sightings observed?

4.5. Are a minimum of 8 annual inspections done, every 5 to 7 weeks at least?

4.6. Are at least one night audit done per year?




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