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Checklist – General drone pre-flight

Drone pilots use a pre-flight checklist to ensure safe and legal drone operation. Drone pre-flight checklists also help them comply with drone regulations, such as those of the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

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1.1 Check your local drone regulations and see if there are any specific regulations you must follow.

1.2 Verified NOTAMS

1.3 Outside the required proximity within the nearest airport (check local regulations on this)

1.4 Safe distance from crowds, animals, property

1.5 Free of overhead obstructions (for example, buildings, power lines, trees, cell sites, houses, etc.)

1.6 Identified clear take-off and landing place

1.7 Identified secondary landing zone

1.8 Point of origin identified

1.9 Safety signs posted


2.1 Superintendent Obtained the required airspace clearance (if applicable)

2.2 Operational exemption obtained (if applicable)

2.3 Pilot license (not applicable if the drone flight is for government use) available

Visual inspection of drone flight equipment

3.1 REMOVED gimbal lock and lens cap

3.2 Router and transmitter turned on

3.3 Inspect the frame for cracks, loose parts

3.4 Motors capable of free rotation

3.5 Propellers and hubs free of cracks or damage.

3.6 Check for loose wires and tuck them away

3.7 Fully charged batteries

3.8 Batteries inserted correctly

3.9 Fully charged controller

Firmware and Memory

4.1 Updated transmitter firmware

4.2 Drone Firmware Update

4.3 SD card in the camera with enough memory space

4.4 Updated app

Take off

5.1 Signal and satellite strength checked

5.2 Calibrate compass

5.3 Inform viewers (if any)



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