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Checklist – Gas operating heating failure

Gas operator

Work preparation and customer service

1.1 Gas Safe card and correct ACS elements for the work to be carried out.

1.2 Reference Material (Manufacturer’s Instructions) / Technical Bulletins available.

1.3 Visual/written risk assessment completed and recorded.

1.4 Customer liaison

1.5 Customer questioned about device/system performance/issues

1.6 Customer service / work area preparation completed

Appliance/auxiliary plant/system checks

2.1 Appliance installed according to manufacturer’s instructions

2.2 Gas pipe size, support, construction, correct route

2.3 Pressure Relief Line/Correct Termination

2.4 Condensate pipe/correct termination

2.5 Completion of the construction path of the chimney size and support visually examined and correct

2.6 Verified and correct vent size and route

2.7 Auxiliary Plant installed correctly.

2.8 Systems configured correctly.

Electrical tests

3.1 Electrical tests identified and completed correctly

3.2 Electrical insulation check completed successfully

3.3 Verified and appropriate fuse rating

Diagnosis and repair of electrical appliance/system failures.

4.1 Appliance/system controls troubleshooting flowcharts in manufacturer’s instructions were followed

4.2 The troubleshooting procedure was logically followed and the cause of the failure was identified.

4.3 Rectification work carried out

4.4 Appliance/associated controls working properly

4.5 Proven operating pressure and/or gas rate

4.6 Checked the operation of safety devices

4.7 Image of correct flame

4.8 Combustion analysis completed

4.9 Flue flow continuity check completed successfully

4.10 Case seal/spill tests completed successfully

4.11 Final leak test completed correctly where required

4.12 All altered joints tested

Safe work practices

5.1 Safe Work Practices Employed

5.2 Safety checks and calibration of electrical equipment.


6.1 Customer instructed in use and instructions to left/reset controls

6.2 Documentation completed correctly



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