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Checklist – Forklift Safety Audit

ICL safety and sled

1) Operator security information

1.1 Has the operator been trained or updated in the last three years?

1.2 Is there a copy of the operators certificate in your training file?

1.3 Has the operator signed an authorization to operate form, renewable annually?

1.4 Does the operator know the correct fault reporting procedures?

1.5 Has operator certification and authorization to operate logs been verified?

2) visual checks

2.1 Carriage Plate Is the safety data information plate attached and legible?

2.2 Load handling device (forks, clamp, etc.)?

2.3 Back extension?

2.4 Mast?

2.5 Rollers and mast slides?

2.6 Lift chains?

2.7 Chain pulleys?

2.8 hydraulic rams?

2.9 hydraulic cables?

2.10 Wheel?

2.11 tires?

2.12 All external state?

2.13 Counterweight?

2.14 Has the key been removed when the forklift is unattended?

2.15 operators position?

2.16 Operator’s seat and seat restraint?

2.17 LPG cylinder (LPG engine truck)?

3) Operational security checks

3.1 Starting procedure (truck engine)?

3.2 Starting procedure (electric truck)?

3.3 Starting procedure (LPG truck)?

3.4 Lights?

3.5 Audible warning system?

3.6 All hydraulic systems?

3.7 Driving operation (no steering play)?

3.8 Foot brake function?

3.9 parking brake function?




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