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Checklist – Food Supplier Checklist

This general supplier checklist is used to audit your supplier’s operation. Use this form to record whether or not the supplier meets the criteria, then evaluate its suitability to be your supplier.

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1.1 Infrastructure

1.2. Sanitation

1.3. Pest Control

1.4. Chemical Control

1.5. Personnel Practices

1.6. Training & Education

1.7. Handling, Storage & Delivery

1.8. Food Security

Food Safety

2.1 Microbiological Testing

2.2. Food Allergens & Chemical Sensitivities

2.3. Foreign Material Control

Manufacturing Quality Systems

3.1 Good Laboratory Practices

3.2. Corrective & Preventive Action

3.3. Continuous Improvement

3.4. Customer Service

Regulatory Consideration

4.1 Labelling Approval

4.2. Regulatory Compliance




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