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Checklist – Food Franchise Store Checklist

General inspection for food franchise strore.

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Customer Area

1.1 Is the front door clean?

1.2. Are the floors spotless?

1.3. Are the dining room tables clean?

1.4. Is the Bain glass clean?

1.5. Is the music on? If so, is the content and volume appropriate?

1.6. Is the TV on? If so, is the volume off and the content appropriate?

1.7. Is the soda area clean? Lids/straws/coffee items full?

1.8. Is the ice chute clean? The ice tray clean? Are the soda nozzles clean?

1.9. Is the bottle drink fridge full and organized properly? Required items: Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Water, OJ, Milk, Chocolate Milk, Apple slices, Parfait (3), Kid’s Minutemaid, Powerade (red&blue)

1.10. Is the coffee freshly brewed and ready to serve?

1.11. Is the Fuze tea brewed? Is the lid on it? Is the area clean?

1.12. Are the restrooms clean and stocked?

1.13. Are all garbage pails at acceptable levels? Are the insides of the cabinets clean and free of debris?

1.14. Are the following dust-free: Menu boards, Fans, Air vents, Neon signs & cords?

Service Area

2.1 Is all the Food Safety items checked? Prep labels? Temperatures? FIFO? Dates?

2.2. Are freshly baked breads available of every type? Do they look amazing?

2.3. Are all the breads from yesterday thrown away by 10AM?

2.4. Are the cookies ready and on display in a clean and organized Cookie Holder? 

2.5. Are the Omlettes and Egg Whites thawed and ready to serve?

2.6. Is avocado in the Bain and ready to serve?

2.7. Is the microwave clean and operational?

2.8. Are the Oven and Proofer clean and operational?

2.9. Is the sanitizer being used in the sink? In the red pails?


3.1. Are all employees in uniform? (brand shirt, brand hat, Apron, Name Tag, proper pants, shoes, and undershirt?)

3.2. Are all employees saying “Welcome To brandname!”?

3.3. Are employees using the Script to upsell?

3.4. Are employees giving a receipt to every customer and informing them of the “Tell our brand” survey?

Manager Tasks

4.1 Are the temperature logs completed for today?

4.2. Are the bread counts being done today?

4.3. Is the scale accessible, functional, and clean?




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