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Checklist – FL Flight Paperwork

General Flight Paperwork Audit Questions

Cover of the flight documentation

1.1 No cover

1.2 Don’t date

1.3 No flight number

1.4 No Agent Initials/Employee Number

1.5 No supervisor initials/employee number

Is the ramp load manifest (FD201-R) documentation correct?

2.1 Don’t date

2.2 No/Incorrect flight number

2.3 No city pair

2.4 No plane number

2.5 No Cargo load signature

2.6 No VIP signature

Shipping authorization signed?

3.1 No Captain’s signature

3.2 Wrong flight number

Flight closing sheet?

4.1 There is no flight closure sheet

4.2 Wrong flight number

Weatherman connected from FTWEB?

5.1 No attached meteorologist



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