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Checklist – Fire Safety

An effective fire safety plan is the sum of its parts, and it is important to understand each of those parts and make sure they are well integrated into the plan. Each element contributes to minimizing fire hazards and helps fire safety managers develop fire safety inspection procedures and strategies for the fire safety plan. These are the three key elements of a fire safety plan

1) Maintenance contract

1.1 Is there a current inspection certificate for fire extinguishers?

2) Designated person and policy

2.1 Is there a designated Fire Marshal?

2.2 Is there a Fire Practice Policy available?

2.3. Are there Fire Protocols on display?

3) Fire extinguishers

3.1 Fire extinguishers are available in critical areas.

3.2 Fire extinguishers in place, clearly marked for the type of fire?

3.3 Recently serviced fire extinguishers? (Mark the 6-month perforation mark on the label) registration date

3.4 Do fire extinguishers comply with AS2444?

3.5 Indicator signs at 2.1 m above ground level?

3.6 Clog-free fire extinguishers?

4) Emergency exits

4.1 Are emergency exits properly marked?

4.2 Clear and well-defined travel routes?

4.3 Are emergency exits neat and easy to use?

4.4 Are the emergency exits suitable for disabled access?

4.5 Can the fire escape be opened?

4.6 Fire extinguishers with a maximum height of not more than 1200 mm and a base not less than 100 mm?




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