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Checklist – Fire Door Inspection

Checklist for inspecting fire doors

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1.1 Is the door identified?

1.2 What is the location of the gate?

1.3 Is the route from the gate to a safe location direct and unobstructed?


2.1 Does the door leaf sit against the door stop and is it not warped?

2.2 If the door is veneered or lipped, does the glue still hold these products firmly in place?

2.3 Is the door frame free of damage, including dents and holes?

Door frame

3.1 Is the door frame fully attached to the wall?

3.2 If there is a planted doorstop, is it securely attached?

3.3 Is the gap between the frame and the door leaf consistently 3 mm?

Door seals

4.1 Are the intumescent seals in place?

4.2 Are the seals well adhered inside the groove in the door leaf or door frame?

4.3 Are the brush or flap type seals free from damage?

4.4 Are the smoke seals continuous around the door leaf or door frame?

Door hinges

5.1 Is there a minimum of 3 hinges with all screws in place?

5.2 Are all the screws the correct size?

5.3 Are the hinges free of metal fragments and oil leaks?

5.4 Are the hinges free of non-combustible packaging?

Threshold gap

6.1 Is there a constant space under the door that allows you to turn without touching the floor covering?

6.2 Is the gap between the door and the floor covering consistently 10mm (3mm if smoke seals are fitted) or less when the door is closed?

6.3 If the door leaf is fitted with a sill seal, does the seal contact the floor covering when the door is closed?



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