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Checklist – Environment Health and Safety Checklist

Environment Health and Safety checklist to reduce risks in your organization and Identify all the hazards in the business process and the activities involved

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Company information

1.1 Company name and contact person

1.2. The insurance information poster is displayed

1.3. All staff have insurance information credentials

1.4. Does the company have the following documentation?

– Certificate of medical assistance coverage and Medical Emergencies.
– Insurance contract with payroll and effective date.
– Proof of delivery of insurance credentials
– Training Certificate (e-learning and face-to-face)
– Evacuation drill report.
– Lighting report according to Resolution 84/2012. (annual)
– Call center noise report according to Resolution 85/2012. (annual)
– Measurement of grounding and continuity according to Resolution 900/2015 (annual).
– Bacteriological examination of water (biannual) of the network and dispenser.
– Physical chemical examination of water (annual) of the network.
– Cleaning of water tanks. (annual)
– Deratization and disinfection. (monthly)
– Maintenance certificate for smoke detectors, fire panels, push buttons and hydrants.
– Updated list of evacuation leaders.
– Evacuation plan.
– Maintenance of forklifts or elevators.
– Maintenance of generator sets.
– Certificate of delivery of personal protection elements according to Res 299/11. (annual)

Order and Cleanliness Conditions

2.1 A good level of order and cleanliness is observed.

2.2. Cleaning items are observed to be kept in suitable and labeled containers, which are not soda bottles.

2.3. It is observed that the server sector is free of accumulation of foreign objects.

2.4. It is observed that there is no accumulation of disused furniture.

2.5. It is observed that the stored merchandise does not reach the ceiling.

2.6. All fire extinguishers are hung and with their corresponding beacon.

2.7. Fire extinguishers, hydrants and buttons are accessible.

2.8. All stairs have their corresponding railing.

2.9. The ladder has non-slip tapes in good condition.

Bathroom and dressing room services

3.1. The staff has a sufficient number of well-maintained toilets.

3.2. The staff has a sufficient number of urinals in good condition.

3.3. The staff has a sufficient number of sinks in good condition.

3.4. The bathroom has soap and towels / hand dryers.

3.5. The bathrooms are hygienically suitable.

Rest Area

4.1 The dining room is in good condition.

4.2. The dining room has a good level of order and cleanliness.

4.3. The electrical elements used by the staff are in good condition.

Emergency Exit

5.1. The escape routes are clear of obstacles.

5.2. All emergency exits are unobstructed or closed.

5.3. All emergency exits open outwards.

5.4. All emergency exits have locks that keep them open during an evacuation.

Electrical installations

6.1. It is verified that there are no precarious connections.

6.2. The staff does not use extension cords.

6.3. The corridors are free of cables running through them.

6.4. The electrical panels have internal and external covers.

6.5. The electrical panels have locks in good condition.

6.6. Earthing and continuity measurements are verified (annual) according to Res SRT 900/15.

Fire Protection

7.1 The building has the updated fire load report.

7.2. The amount of fire extinguishers is according to the fire load.

7.3. The control of recharges of the fire extinguishers is registered.

7.4. Hydrant maintenance is verified.

7.5. The place has smoke detectors.

7.6. Smoke detectors are checked for maintenance.




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