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Checklist – Employee File

Basic file information

1.1 employee application

1.2 W4 form

1.3 Employee Eligibility Verification Form (I9)

1.4 Employee Training Orientation

1.5 DFWP Policy Acknowledgment

1.6 Active Certificate of Agreement (DFWP)

1.7 Post-Employment Medical Questionnaire

1.8 MVR Acknowledgment and Disclosure AND MVR Authorization (both required)

1.9 Annual Motor Vehicle Registration (MVR) Review

1.10 Last MVR Date

1.11 MVR Rerun Due Date

1.12 Vehicle Safety Regulations

1.13 NSC Training Certificate

1.14 Vehicle Use Agreement

1.15 Road test drive (initial)

1.16 Initial test date

1.17 Practical Exam Due Date

1.18 employee handbook

1.19 Recognition of Equal Opportunities

Action items

2.1 Article #

2.2 Action to be taken

2.3 Assigned to

2.4 Finish date



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