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Checklist – Diesel Generator Basic Maintenance

A basic diesel generator maintenance checklist is used to ensure that diesel generators provide good quality power. Engineers and operators can follow this template guide when conducting their inspections: Perform a physical and visual inspection of the diesel generator. Take photographic evidence of leaks, damage, and defects. Check the condition of the battery, oil and fuel. Provide a general assessment of the condition of the diesel generator. Finalize the inspection with a digital signature and time stamp.

Visual inspection

1.1 General condition/appearance of equipment (controls, leaks, loose wires)

1.2 Fan belt tension and condition

1.3 Fuel filter or sediment container

1.4 Lubricating oil level and viscosity

1.5 Coolant level and antifreeze mixture

1.6 Air filter

1.7 Battery electrolyte level and charge and specific gravity test

1.8 Battery charge rate (slow charger).

Operational Inspection

2.1 Day tank pump and level switches if equipped

2.2 Operation of the cooling thermostat or grilles

23 battery charging

2.4 alternator and regulator

Other services

3.1 Inspect refrigeration system for leaks (pressure test), debris, and function. Check engine block heater.

3.2 Inspect and clean brush holders and generator brushes

3.3 Clean and inspect exciter

3.4 Inspect safety shutdown devices. This includes simulated failures in low oil pressure shutdown, high water temperature shutdown, overspeed shutdown, and failed start.

3.5 Inspect and clean engine/genset control

3.6 Run the generator set (under load) to check voltage, check frequency, check instrument system and make adjustments.

3.7 Clean and tighten electrical connections, clean crankcase breather, check and tighten mounting bolts, and clean unit



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