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Checklist – Computer Deployment

Standard Computer Check Sheet

Initial setup

1.1 Configure user account in Active Directory

1.2 Email address of created users

1.3 Completed Users Active Director Profile (Address and Contact Details)

1.4 Move the user account to the correct container

User requirements

2.1 Backup of user files and favorites and files

2.2 Check the software/hardware requirements of the users

Software removal

3.1 Removed Windows Live/MSN Messenger suite

3.2 Removed any pre-installed antivirus and security suites (Norton Backup, Mcafee)

3.3 Microsoft jobs removed

3.4 Removed all trial software (Microsoft Office)

Software installation

4.1 Citrix client installed and setup

4.2 Installed latest version of SAP GUI (7.2)

4.3 Installed 7 zip

4.4 Installed the latest version of flash (Download from

4.5 Installed the latest version of Adobe Reader (Download from

4.6 Installed the latest version of Java (Download from

4.7 I installed Office 2010 professional and activated the license

4.8 Mcafee Enterprise Edition client installed

4.9 VNC client and server installed, setup with default password

System configuration

5.1 Configure Outlook and local file

5.2 Activate remote desktop

5.3 Ventilation provided to prevent employee exposure to an atmosphere containing flammable gas in excess of 10% of the lower explosive limit for the gas. Please add users full name to “computer description”

5.4 Join computer to domain

5.5 Installed all updated windows (including service packs)

5.6 Add any additional mapped drives

5.7 Add any additional printers

5.8 Add user to local administrators group

Final checks

6.1 Group policy applied (gpupdate /force)

6.2 Proxy server URL has been added to additional browsers

6.3 Printers connected and working

6.4 Access to mapped drives

6.5 Company intranet is set as home page



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