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Checklist – Cleaning Specialist

Lista de verificación de limpieza – General

Employee Cleaning

1.1 Do the cleaners wear name tags?

1.2 Are the cleaners trained to use the correct chemicals on site?

1.3 Are the cleaners fully dressed in the correct uniforms?

1.4 Is the equipment clean?

1.5 Is the warehouse clean and presentable?

1.6 Is the security file or company file in place and in order?

General Site Inspection

2.1 Clean floors?

2.2 Dusted off picture frames and wall accessories?

2.3 Detailed cleaning done right?

2.4 Clean roofs?

2.5 Is the waste container clean?

2.6 Are all accessible windows clean?

2.7 Are the cleaners using the cleaning equipment correctly?

Smoking area

3.1 Are the rubbish bins cleaned regularly?

3.2 Are the chairs and tables in the smoking area clean?

3.3 Is the garden in the smoking area maintained properly?

Site front reception area

4.1 Clean and presentable seating area?

4.2 Has dust been removed in accessible areas?

4.3 Clean and vacuumed entrance mats?

4.4 Have all accessible windows been cleaned?

Other areas / Rear area

5.1 Are the floors cleaned properly?

5.2 Has stripping and sealing been done effectively?

5.3 Is detail cleaning done effectively?

5.4 Are the garbage cans clean?

5.5 Are all accessible windows clean?

Outside area of ​​the site – (if applicable)

6.1 Do you sweep regularly?

6.2 Are the gardens regularly maintained?

6.3 Are the outer containers cleaned regularly?

6.4 Is the veranda around the outside of the site clean and swept regularly?

Public toilets

7.1 Clean sinks?

7.2 Clean urinals?

7.3 Are the toilets clean?

7.4 Are the garbage cans clean?

7.5 Clean floors?

7.6 Clean walls and doors?

7.7 Hygiene done regularly?



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