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Checklist – Behavior-Based Safety Observation

Auditoría de seguridad individual

Internal cleaning

1.1 Are aisles/walkways kept clear?

1.2 Work area kept organized?

1.3 Cleanup: spills, wires or other trips, trash/clutter, lighting or flammable materials

Personal protection equipment

2.1 All the proper equipment or equipment used correctly?

2.2 PPE kept in good condition?

2.3 Personal Protective Equipment: Hands, Body, Eyes/Face, Head, Feet, Respiratory Protection, Fall Protection, Hearing Protection or FR Clothing/Equipment

Work position

3.1 Body position

3.2 Location in the work environment.

3.3 Work position: poor posture, overreach, above shoulders, below knees, twisting, caught in the middle, bumped, working at heights greater than 4′, floor or wall opening, working edge without protection or ceiling or false floor.

Tools and equipment

4.1 Are appropriate tools or equipment used?

4.2 Are tools or equipment used correctly?

4.3 Tools or equipment in good condition?

Safe processes

5.1 Lockout/Tagout, Arc Flash, Hot Work Permit, Confined Space



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