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Checklist – CCTV Maintenance Record

A CCTV Maintenance Checklist Record is used to ensure surveillance cameras are in good working order. Security teams can use this template to record and report any identified defects. The template has been created to guide the inspector in doing the following: Assess the physical condition of the camera, wiring, and control equipment Take photographic evidence and detailed notes of any defects found Document required repairs and send a notification in the app to the corresponding contact Complete inspection with digital signature and time stamp to validate the inspection recordiliza un registro de lista de verificación de mantenimiento de CCTV para garantizar que las cámaras de vigilancia estén en buenas condiciones de funcionamiento. Los equipos de seguridad pueden utilizar esta plantilla para registrar e informar cualquier defecto identificado. La plantilla se ha creado para guiar al inspector a realizar lo siguiente: Evaluar la condición física de la cámara, el cableado y el equipo de control Tomar evidencia fotográfica y notas detalladas de cualquier defecto encontrado Documentar las reparaciones requeridas y enviar una notificación en la aplicación al contacto correspondiente Finalizar inspección con firma digital y sello de tiempo para validar el registro de inspección


1.1 Is the camera lens focused and adjusted correctly?

1.2 Has the camera been dropped?

1.3 Is the perimeter of the property clearly displayed?

1.4 Is the camera lens free of dust and marks?

1.5 Do motion detection sensors work?

1.6 Do all the camera functions, such as zoom and pan, work correctly?

1.7 No foliage obscuring the view?

1.8 Are the cameras securely attached to the wall?

Wire and cable

2.1 Is the wiring free of frays or breaks or exposed wires?

2.2 No loose wires?

2.3 Is the cable properly sheathed?

2.4 Is the sound transmission clear and the image free of distortion?

2.5 Are all coax connectors insulated from conduit and junction boxes?

Control equipment

3.1 Do the monitors show a clear image? brightness and contrast settings adjusted correctly?

3.2 Are all of your individual switches and equipment fully operational?

3.3 Are all monitors and equipment free of dust and dirt?

3.4 Are all cables coming out of the equipment in good condition? No weak connections?

3.5 Is the date and time stamp set correctly?

3.6 Are all AC plugs and power connections loose and in good working order?



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