5 practices to achieve fine business management

Giving it the importance it deserves will allow your company to generate strategies in all areas of the organization, as well as the team´s coordination, people and processes, and adjust to market´s demand. But… What exactly is business management? A large number of organizations that start their activity, fail shortly after and one of the […]

The 7 principles of Quality Management

What is quality management? Quality management is a set of tools and actions that have the purpose of avoiding possible errors or deviations in the production process, and in products and services that are created with these processes.But as we´ve said before, it is useless to correct errors continuously, if we don´t know how to […]

How can I obtain an ISO certification in my company?

Let’s review an important topic… What are ISO standards? To begin we must know that ISO stands for International Standardization Organization. This organization has been in charge of creating international standards since 1947. ISO standards are responsible for guiding, coordinating and unifying the criteria related to the management system. They work to provide information and […]

Why do you need to make an incident report?

As much as your company complies with all safety regulations… Even if your employees are protected with the appropriate clothing and equipment… As much as they have continuous training… It is not possible to prevent all accidents. But, we can have everything as controlled as possible so that this does not happen, right? It´s important […]