The 7 principles of Quality Management

What is quality management? Quality management is a set of tools and actions that have the purpose of avoiding possible errors or deviations in the production process, and in products and services that are created with these processes.But as we´ve said before, it is useless to correct errors continuously, if we don´t know how to […]

BRC Certificate What is it for?

What is the BRC standard? Today, the issue of food safety is a matter that has producers, authorities and consumers very busy. The existence of standards has greatly collaborated in this sector and the BRC certification is one of the international safety standards. Its name derives from the acronym British Retail Consortium, and was developed […]

Preventive maintenance. Why should I apply it in my company?

What is preventive maintenance? When we talk about preventive maintenance, we refer to the maintenance that focuses on guaranteeing the proper functioning and condition of the work machinery, through a plan that prevents breakdowns from occurring. It is the task of systematically reviewing and inspecting (carried out by hours of operation or by periods of […]

ISO 14001 Standard, What is it and what is it for?

What is the ISO 14001 standard? The objective of this certification is based on applying an environmental management system. It allows organizations to show their customers, suppliers and competitors that they are committed to protecting the environment and that they are responsible in their production systems to take care of it. It works under the […]

How can I obtain an ISO certification in my company?

Let’s review an important topic… What are ISO standards? To begin we must know that ISO stands for International Standardization Organization. This organization has been in charge of creating international standards since 1947. ISO standards are responsible for guiding, coordinating and unifying the criteria related to the management system. They work to provide information and […]

What are the benefits of performing an internal audit in my company?

Due to the great recognition that ISO certifications have gained over the years, internal quality audits have also been gaining prominence in the processes of organizations. What is the ISO 9001 standard? The ISO 9001 international standard aims to achieve high levels of quality in organizations through a quality management system. The established requirements by […]

Why do you need to make an incident report?

As much as your company complies with all safety regulations… Even if your employees are protected with the appropriate clothing and equipment… As much as they have continuous training… It is not possible to prevent all accidents. But, we can have everything as controlled as possible so that this does not happen, right? It´s important […]